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Since its foundation in 1957, the Korean Agricultural Economics Association has been providing a platform for discussion on a wide range of issues associated with agriculture, rural communities, and farmers in Korea, as well as a network of various regions and generations for sharing knowledge and information, leading the development of agricultural economics across the country. Consisting of institutional members and individual members from universities, research institutes, government agencies, and public institutions, the Association is committed to publishing academic journals, holding symposiums and conferences, and interacting with international organizations, research institutes, and related academic associations to share research findings on a variety of theories, measures for the development of the industry, and related policies and offer policy suggestions in the agricultural, food, environmental, and resource sectors, thereby contributing to the growth of agriculture, rural communities, and the food industry.
Korea is faced with momentous changes and challenges at home and abroad, including population decline, climate change, the fourth industrial revolution, accelerated market openness, and prolonged economic slump. These circumstances prompt the need for wise responses to changes in the agricultural and rural sectors in this post-COVID world. In order to properly respond to this social demand, the Association will tap into the collective intelligence of great experts to identify major issues that the Korean agricultural and rural sectors are facing and come up with tailored solutions. Such efforts will help the academic world of agricultural economics elevate its capacity and make a step closer to the public.
The Association will keep moving forward to improve the quality of agricultural economics research in Korea in both quantitative and qualitative terms and play a pivotal role in the growth of agricultural, rural communities and national economy. Your interest and constructive criticism will be greatly appreciated.
Thank you very much.
Jae-Hong Park
The 43rd President of the Korean Agricultural Economics Association