Korea Agricultural Economics Association

Title Analysis of the Influence of Elementary School Students' Attitudes toward Insects and Tasting Experience on the Preference of Edible Insect Products
Author Gil Seog Park, Seong Ran Kim, Seo Young Kim, Taeyoung Kim
Paper Information Vol.61 No.4 (2020-12) Page 47~62
File KJAE(2020-Vol61No04)-Korean-03.pdf
Abstract This study aims to grasp the preferences of two contrasting types of edible insects among
elementary school students, the future consumer class, and to suggest the possibility of improving
the perception of edible insect products and the future direction of awareness improvement through
the eating experience of edible insects. Principal component analysis and ordered logit model
were adopted to achieve the purpose of the study. As key results, grade, father's age, tasting
status, awareness of insect products, degree of preference for learning and pet insects, and attitude
toward insects significantly influenced the preference of edible insects. Based on these results,
it can be seen that in order to activate the sales of edible insect products, it is necessary to improve
consumers' negative perceptions of insects early above all else. To this end, it is necessary to
promote insect products through various channels, expand experiences related to insects in childhood,
and strategies to supply insect products in the form of intermediate goods rather than final goods.